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Mar. 12th, 2014

Just a note to keep my journal from being deleted and letting anyone who passes by know that there's many, many new things over on my LJ (also under enmuse).

Nov. 13th, 2012

Hnnnn. Favorite trope is theme on [community profile] fic_promptly today. I shouldn't be on here during work but it showed up in my newsfeed/RSS and I did a little dance in my chair. Guh, love amnesia trope~~~~~

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Oct. 6th, 2012

Fact-checking, research help!

Alright, No firm confirmation that it'll pertain to what I'm writing anytime soon, but I've had this question for a while:

What is a safe way to bind breasts? As in, basically being bound all the time.

What I keep seeing in passing mention is that something like Ace bandages are dangerous due to possible constriction. So what are safe methods?

THANK YOU for any help!

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Oct. 4th, 2012

{Fic} Unwound | FF7 | Cloud+Zack

By Enmuse
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (general 'verse)
Pairing: pre-/vaguely Cloud/Zack
Rating: All
Word Count: 949
Warnings: A few swears. Kind of cracky. See summary/prompt.
Summary: Written for [ profile] tinamachina's prompt on comment_fic, "Why do you suddenly have breasts and may I touch them?"

Notes: I've decided I need to get my act together and just write. How could I resist this when I had a Zack muse streak through my head?
this trope has finally made an appearance in my fic x_x )

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{Drabble} Underneath | FF7 | Aerith

Title: Underneath
Prompt: Trash (from ff7_drabbles)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII (general 'verse)
Characters: Aerith
Rating: All
Summary/AN: I need to gear up for NaNoWriMo - so lemme at these drabbles! Written with a vague sense of Zack/Aerith in mind, but really could be a variety of characters' view of Aerith. *shrugs* It's been a long time since I last wrote for this fandom.

Read more... )

STUFF & call for support?

My brain feel so full lately and I feel a bit like I'm supposed to be running a race but keep stumbling to a walk; back and forth back and forth.
RL things )

Anyway, wanted to announce that I do plan to do NaNoWriMo this year! I've got no set plans - especially since I might be doing a workshop series of sorts with students.... BUT if I don't go for "original fiction" this year (or some rebellion prose ^_~) then I'm thinking FF7 fic.

Anyone wanna be cheerleader/idea-bouncer for FF7 purposes? *big kawaii, hopeful eyes*

Sep. 22nd, 2012

Get a little help from my... party members?

Soooo I kinda signed up for an Instagram account to prompt me to take more pics of my action figures (primarily Playarts). The account is solely for fannish things and has a Tumblr where I can post a bit along with it. I'm not doing much with it so I'm just posting things there as they come and add some commentary. This evening Zack, cadet Cloud, and Yuffie "helped" with some packing.

I've also been playing FF7 a bit throughout the week...

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Sep. 19th, 2012

There really are some amazing authors in FF7 fandom

So I'm falling in epic love with FF7 all over again. I've spent quite a bit of time reading Eir's Tomorrow since Sunday evening and finished it up on the bus home today. Guh... so good! (Though I warn: incomplete *sob*) A time-travel-ish tale, but I think the take on it is unique and sets it apart from the common trope. The characters are wonderful and I love how the characters/events/characterizations of Crisis Core are taken into account and explained. I didn't expect Elena at all and she is terrifically written! (Love her inclusion.) So yeah. I sincerely hope it's finished someday, but it's a wip that is very much worth reading.

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Sep. 14th, 2012

"FF7 redux fairytale" [Warning: WIP] | Thoughts? | Sephiroth/Cloud main (TWO/TWO)

Continued from first post.

continued! )


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"FF7 redux fairytale" [Warning: WIP] | Thoughts? | Sephiroth/Cloud main

So, yeah. Since my old InsaneJournal accounts were purged, my "preview" of this disappeared from the internet. I've debated over the past week if I wanted to put it up again and obviously I've decided "yes."

This is over 4 years old now and hasn't been worked on since around then. I would love to have this finished. It's... a unique idea, I think, and I do like it. As time's gone by and my interpretation of the characters and series has developed, some of my ideas have changed. I'm a more equal-opportunity 'shipper now and I debate if the initial Sephiroth/Cloud setup that's here would be better with Zack/Cloud? At the same time, I like how Zack and Cloud's friendship goes. I would love to do more with the other characters - there's great potential for the Turks but my predictions for how the story will continue don't lend them a particularly good role. Hrmm...

What the hell is this thing? Well I believe I saw some challenge about "fairytale redux" back in the day and thought I'd try something. This story is based on the general idea of The Little Mermaid, but only its base framework is used and there are no mermaids in sight. (However, my LJ icon is very apt here.)

Why post? I would really like to hear some thoughts. The story that follows is raw, though proofread as I'd been writing. There are crossed out areas and half-developed scenes (mostly at the end), there are some punctuation marks like () and [] to note areas where names might be changed. I hadn't played Crisis Core yet when I wrote this, so maybe there's a way to take some inspiration from that section of new-canon?

Really, I'd love to hear any sort of feedback... and find out who on my flist these days actually toes the water of the fandom. Without further ado, here you go:

"Tell me about him." "Who?" "Who else, genius?"

started back on April 17, 2008 and not updated for years and there's 26 pages )

TBC in next post.

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Sep. 10th, 2012


Initially posted on LJ

If we haven't e-mailed each other, you're missing out on how horrible I am with coming up with subject lines. 9_9;; I worry about my future in titling blog posts.

Anyway, I "rediscovered" Inkubus Sukkubus while going through my iPod backup and turned up their albums today. It's been ages since I've really listened to them but it's kinda fun to check it out again. I was really into Inky Suku and Nightwish back in middle/high school. Also while going through my iPod files, I thankfully turned up the rest of my Rasputina collection (which has been somehow misplaced during recent computer changes).

I re-established myself on InsaneJournal over the weekend (as enmuse) after discovering that my former accounts were deactivated and purged. :\ I did some nice organizing over the weekend and have several fandom fic masterlists. Slowly I'd like to get all my fic up on various places - AO3 is my big goal, but also around my journals would be nice.

Lastly, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for undeadbigbang to try and get myself writing again. Admittedly I'm gonna be very busy during its time frame - fulltime work, class has started, plus there's lots of packing to be done, not to mention the actual move - but I would like to write. Maybe I'll fit it in there somewhere. (Plans are for some ff7 fic. That's about all I've decided.)

Sep. 9th, 2012

Masterlist: Firefly Fanfic

Okay, so not everything's been posted on my journals, so let me say that you can find more on my website, though the stories that are on my journal at the moment are listed below.

can't take the sky from me )

Masterlist: A-Team Fanfic

And by A-Team, I mean the original TV series.

howling mad, here! )

Masterlist: Eureka Fanfic

in a town called eureka )

Masterlist: Star Trek XI (2009)

ST fic )

Masterlist: Misc. Fics (one-off fandoms, 6-word fics, etc)

With over 300 fics written (and posted online) since 1999, and my participation in a variety of challenges, I have a lot of random fic that doesn't fall into any easy grouping. There's a lot of fandoms I've only tried writing in once or twice.

73 Six-Word Fics
A comment_fic theme was for 6-word fills. I was highly skeptical of this at first because I like some plot somewhere... but these were a lot of fun. This post organizes the ficlets and covers: fandom-of-your-choice, Eureka, Haven, The Mentalist, Stargate SG-1, and Supernatural.

Fringe, Harper's Island, National Treasure, NCIS... )

Masterlist: Mentalist Fanfic

I'm a pure Cho/Jane 'shipper and that shows in my fic. :3

Smile )

Masterlist: Criminal Minds Fanfic

My fiction thus far focuses on Reid and Hotch, canon knowledge is limited to first three seasons.

liiiiiist )

Masterpost: Shook the Bones | Criminal Minds

IMPORTANT WARNINGS: This series contains triggering content - not always explicit. Be cautious if abuse (mental, physical, sexual) is a sensitive topic for you. I have tried to handle things with care and realistically to the best of my ability.

The Stories:
Series located on AO3

01: Points of Authority
In an alternate reality, the BAU team is called to Las Vegas to determine if the right man was convicted in a series of murders.
02: One Step Closer
Magic tricks, entertaining children, a case, and a missed opportunity.
03: Scars of Souvenier
“Scars are souvenirs you never lose, The past is never far” – Goo Goo Dolls, “Name”
04: A Cannon's Echo
A case requires some undercover work to lure out the unsub, Reid has to face his touch phobia, and Hotch isn’t sure where he stands.
05: The Weakness (an interlude)
Reflection and conversations in the wake of the undercover case. (An interlude.)
06: On the Edge
When Morgan's past comes knocking, the case's aftermath affects Reid and Hotch as well.

Sep. 8th, 2012

Masterlist: SPN fics!

All of my SPN fic is Gabriel/Sam. Side pairings may apply (see individual fic headings)

All stories thus far focus on Gabriel/Sam )

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